Replacing your roof is something inevitable as a homeowner. Newer homes typically won’t need a roof replacement, while older homes may greatly need one. Each situation is different, but there are many things you need to think about before you replace your roof.

Can You Repair the Damage?

If your roof is not close to the end of its life, you may be able to simply repair the roof instead of replacing it. Your roof should be inspected to assess the damage and will give you a recommendation on whether you can repair or if you should replace. A repair of your roof would mean that you work on a small, isolated section. You would fill gaps and replace damaged shingles. If your roof is very damaged, you may want to consider a replacement rather than repair.

What Material to Use

There are many different types of material you can use for your roof. You should take your time and do your research before you decide. Materials are continuously advancing, so the options available to you now may not have been options when your home was built or when you moved in. The most common options are shingles made of asphalt. You could also choose metal. There are many options that could work for your home. You just need to decide what you want it to look like, how durable it is, and how energy efficient the material is.

Cost of the Project

The cost of your new roof can vary. You will be paying for materials and for labor. You can expect a range between $5100 and $10000, but it could be more or less. The cost is affected by the cost per square foot a roofing company will charge and the materials you want for the roof. Damage to your roof can also affect the cost greatly because they will first have to repair damage. If you are looking at the lower end of the price range for your roof, you can expect lower quality roof materials. You may also run into work that isn’t as high quality. You should research companies and roofing materials to find out what the cost will be to you.


Safety is important when replacing your roof. You need to make sure that the company who does your roof has the proper insurance for the job. While roof replacement is not inherently dangerous, accidents can happen. You should make sure to be out of the worker’s way, so you don’t cause harm to them or yourself. The roofing company should be held accountable to clean up any nails that have fallen. They have a magnet they can use to do a sweep of your yard to make sure no nails get left behind. There also shouldn’t be trash laying around for accidents to happen. Self-dumping trash hoppers increase safety by removing debris from your home improvement site.

Age of Your Roof

Your roof has a lifespan. You should consider the life of your roof before making decisions of replacing it. You may be able to repair some damage on your roof, but if it is close to the manufacturer’s life you should just replace it. It is recommended to replace at 80-90% of the life of the roof, which means you should replace a 25 year roof at year 20. Waiting too long to replace can cause damage. There could be leaks or your roof could fail completely.

Layer vs. Tear Off the Old

You can have layered shingles of up to 2 layers. So, there may be cases where you could layer the shingles instead of replacing the roof fully. You should make sure that your roof is properly inspected to know that layering would not do more harm than good. Any damage should be taken care of, and new shingles shouldn’t be layered over it. The contractor or inspector should look for spongy areas, where nails are coming out, look for damage on the roof deck from underneath, and look for mold or rot on the roof deck. Tearing off shingles can be beneficial because you can add another layer of defense to the roof deck by adding underlayment, moisture barriers, and starter shingles.


Roof replacement can be a noisy process. The process usually means tearing off old shingles and putting on new ones, which can involve loud hammering. You should be aware of the noise if you have small children or pets that will be disrupted by the noise. You should also let your neighbors know that you will be replacing your roof so they can prepare for the noise. You may also want to make sure you don’t have any cars that could block delivery of your shingles.

Choosing a Contractor

While it may be tempting to do a roof yourself to save some money, you should look to hire a contractor if you need a roof replacement. They will make sure the job is done well, which will prevent you from needing another roof replacement prematurely. They will also help to ensure that quality materials are used, which helps a roof to last. To find a contractor you can check out other roofs in your neighborhood and ask around to see which companies did them. You can also search online for contractors with high reviews. You should make sure they are accredited and have insurance. Make sure whatever company you choose does a good job of also cleaning up after the job.

It is always important to assess your current situation with your roof to see if replacing it is the best option. If your roof is newer with minimal damage, you may be able to replace it. You may need a replacement so you should do your research on a contractor, material, and price so you know what to expect. Replacing your roof with the right contractor will help your home look beautiful and be protected by a sturdy roof.

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