Building a new home and you aren’t sure what type of roof you want to install? This confusion is understandable because there are many types of interesting options from which you can choose. At Lynch Bros Roofing, we have worked with a large number of homeowners and understand the difficulty that finding the best roof can trigger. So if you’re ready to work with the best roofing companies Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer, make sure to read through this list to find a great roof.

Gable Roof – Good for Larger Homes

If you are creating a large home with multiple stories, you may want to consider gable roofing. As this type of roof is among the most popular types in the world, it shouldn’t be too hard to find roofing companies who will do this installation for you. And gable roofs provide many benefits and a minimum of downsides that make them perfect for a large number of different homes. However, they do have some downsides that you must consider before adding one to your home.

First of all, gable roofs are very tall and shed water and snow very easily. As a result, you won’t have to worry about damage to these roofs caused by pooling water and stagnant snow. And the tall nature of these roofs allows for better ventilation and better mold and mildew management. However, they can be very hard to protect against hurricane and winds, and if they experience this type of damage, may collapse if not properly repaired. Thankfully, this problem is fairly rare for most homeowners.

Hip Roof – A Uniquely Sloped Choice

If a gable roof seems too simple for your home, you may want to consider a hip roof. This roof design utilizes equally-sized slopes on all four sides of your home. They come together at the top and create a little ridge that can be used for decorative purposes. You don’t see these roofs as often as you might notice gable roofs, but they are still quite common. And they have benefits and disadvantages that make them worth your time and which could make them not good for your home as well.

First of all, hip roofs are more stable than gable roofs. The four-side design helps to make them stabler and easier to keep upright, ensuring that your home is stable and secure for years to come. However, this design also makes them easier for wind protection because they are more durable than gable roofs under this type of pressure. That said, hip roofs are also much more expensive to get from roofing companies and require more building materials – and their complexity makes them prone to leaks.

Gambrel Roof – Slightly Different Slopes

If the equally-sized nature of the hip roof seems a little too symmetric for your design needs, you can choose a Gambrel roof. This roof is similar to a mansard because both utilize two different slope levels. However, the mansard has four sides with matching angles while the Gambrel has two sides. Typically called a barn roof, this option is a good choice for certain roofing situations and can provide your home with the protection that it needs to stay strong and secure for years to come.

First of all, the Gambrel’s differing slopes creates space for an attic that can be used for storage and other things. Gambrels are also easier to frame out and quite simple to build, in contrast to the somewhat complex mansard. And they can create an old-fashioned look that may be appropriate for some homeowners. However, these roofs also tend to get damaged under extreme pressure, such as that caused by snow or wind, and may need windows to add a little extra light to the house.

Flat Roof – A Surprising Option

Although roofing companies once installed many flat roofs, this option is nowhere near as popular as it was in the past. That said, there are times when this type of roof may be beneficial. As its name implies, this type of roof is much flatter than others and appears completely level. However, it does have a slight slope to manage water and snow. This design is often common on many commercial buildings but may be a good choice for homes that don’t have a lot of money involved in their construction.

That’s because flat roofs are among the easiest and least expensive types of roofs to install on a home. And they are also a great place to install a roof patio or a garden, which can make your home a unique place to visit and live. You can also more easily install solar panels on these roofs to save yourself a lot of electrical costs. Unfortunately, these roofs are very susceptible to damage from water and snow and leak very heavily if not properly maintained. This maintenance often counters their inexpensive installation.

Butterfly Roof – A Gorgeous V-Shaped Roof

Lastly, you may want to get a butterfly roof for your home if you want a unique angle that you may not see in a lot of home’s. When properly installed, this V-shaped roof will look a lot like a butterfly taking off – hence the name. If you are clever with your painting, you can create a home-sized creature that will be unique in your area and attract much attention. However, you can also get many benefits with this type of roof without having to paint it up in a decorative way.

First of all, the larger angles used in this type of roof can allow you to use large windows to create unique looks and styles for home. When used properly, you can even save yourself money on your heating and cooling bills. And this design is also very friendly for water collection and solar panels, helping to cut down on your expenses even further. However, roofing companies also warn that this type of roof is fairly expensive and difficult to install and may leak without proper drainage.

We Can Help You

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